While most root canal treatments are successful in repairing the health and function of your tooth, it can be possible that not all the decayed tissues or nerved were removed from the root canal. It can also be possible that poor maintenance and dental hygiene practices caused the tooth to become re-infected. If this happens, though, and an initial root canal treatment does not resolve your dental health issues, we offer our patients the option of a root canal retreatment in Gurnee, Illinois. With the precision and experience of our team, your oral health can be once again improved and restored. Our dentists can also perform a retreatment if a new infection forms or your first root canal therapy failed to heal correctly. It can be weeks, months or years that a new infection develops and regardless of when this occurs, we are here to address your dental needs.

The process of a root canal retreatment is similar to the first one you have, except we reopen the tooth and remove the filling materials that were placed there previously. Extra precautions are taken during a retreatment, though, to identify and remove all infected dental pulp. Your treatment at Northwestern Dental Group will be finished with a new delta crown and filling being placed. If you have questions on this service or if you would like to make an appointment with our dentists, please contact us at 847-505-0775 today.