If your tooth’s nerves are compromised (through decay, tooth damage or disease), we may likely recommend you receive a root canal therapy. With this proven treatment, we can repair the tooth’s health and function and prevent the need for that tooth to be extracted. During a root canal therapy, our dentists remove the damaged tissues found inside your tooth and provide you with a healthy smile that should last for years to come.

A root canal therapy is considered part of the endodontic field of dentistry and is provided at Northwestern Dental Group to those who have sustained injury or decay inside their tooth, below the protective outer layer of tooth enamel. And if left untreated, if you go without having a root canal therapy in Gurnee, Illinois, your tooth is at a higher risk of dying due to the spread of the internal infection and disease. Our team may then have to provide a tooth extraction in order to ensure the diseased tissues do not spread to nearby dental structures.

During your visit with our dentists, we will carefully access your tooth’s health and provide only the most needed and applicable services possible. To learn more and to visit with one of our experienced dental professionals, please call us at 847-505-0775.