Our skilled dentists may recommend fluoride treatment if you would like to strengthen your teeth and help prevent cavities. Fluoride is a natural mineral found in water and many everyday foods, so it is safe for even children to use. To learn more about the benefits of fluoride treatment, call our office today!

Fluoride treatments protect your teeth from the sugars, acids and bacteria that you consume every day. These substances attack your natural tooth enamel and start to demineralize it over time. Fluoride aids in preventing the demineralization of enamel by strengthening it naturally.

Fluoride works with your natural tooth enamel to strengthen your teeth, effectively protecting your smile from cavities and other forms of decay. Fluoride is especially important for children as their teeth grow in, because it can help their teeth grow and develop in a healthy way for a lifetime of smiles.

We offer professional fluoride treatments in gel, varnish and foam for patients who are prone to demineralization or those who do not receive enough fluoride in their daily diet. We offer these treatments in just one appointment for your convenience. For more information about fluoride treatments in Gurnee, Illinois, or to make your appointment, call 847-505-0775 today!