Adults and children alike benefit from the added protection and comfort that we provide to them with our sports mouth guards in Gurnee, Illinois. With any sport or recreational activity, such as wrestling, football, hockey, soccer or rugby, there is always a possibility for your teeth to be damaged. For this reason, having a mouth guard is often a required piece of equipment. We can prevent or possibly eliminate the potential risks of sports and other recreation by providing you with a custom-built, high-quality mouth guard that is specifically designed to combat external forces, such as the ones experienced during any kind of physical activity.

In addition, your teeth are not the only structures protected when wearing a mouth guard. Your jaw, soft tissues and neck are all better guarded against harm when wearing one of our tailor-made sports mouth guards. To get your very own mouth guard, we invite you to call 847-505-0775 and arrange your visit with our dentists at Northwestern Dental Group. We will work to provide you with the most effective kind of mouth guard for your needs and ensure it fits comfortably in your mouth. If you have questions regarding our various oral appliances, including sports mouth guards, please contact our office today.