If your jawbone is not thick or dense enough for dental implants or other restorative treatments, our skilled dentists may recommend bone grafting. Bone grafting improves the structure and density of your jawbone so you can achieve optimal oral health. To learn more about the benefits of bone grafting, call our office today!

If your jawbone is not dense enough, you will not be able to receive dental treatments such as implants and bridges until you jawbone grows stronger. During your bone grafting appointment, a piece of bone from either your jaw or other area of your body is transplanted to your jawbone. Your jawbone and the other bone tissue will grow together, strengthening your jawbone so you can receive other dental treatments.

Bone grafting is an oral surgery treatment. At Northwestern Dental Group, we offer sedation, so our patients feel comfortable during their appointments. If you have any questions before, during, or after your oral surgery service, feel free to contact our experienced dentists and team.

Bone grafting may significantly impact your oral health and allow you to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. To learn more about bone grafting in Gurnee, Illinois, or to make your appointment, call our office at 847-505-0775 today!