Dental bridges are a valuable restoration and replacement for missing teeth as they provide patients with a stable and aesthetic new tooth. And while there are other restorative treatments available to treat missing teeth, dental bridges are one of the most common. They can be used to replace a single missing tooth or several teeth in a row, making them a viable solution to many of our patients.

As a non-removable or fixed restoration, dental bridges can hold adjacent teeth in their position, relieve stress on the bite, renew your ability/confidence to eat and speak, be used to restore a dental implant, improve the appearance of your smile and more! Such a versatile and proven restoration is valuable to the dentists at Northwestern Dental Group as they work to complete their patients’ smiles and provide them with a newfound confidence.

It is also common for dental bridges to require two visits, one to successfully create your dental bridge and another to prepare and place it in your mouth. It will be uniquely designed to fit your smile, last for many years and look natural. To learn more about dental bridges in Gurnee, Illinois, we invite you to call our office at 847-505-0775 and arrange a consultation with our caring dental professionals.