Most often, minor dental damage, such as cracks, chips or cavities, can be successfully repaired with dental fillings. As a possibly ideal solution, we provide fillings at Northwestern Dental Group to restore the shape and optimize the function of your tooth, and you can once again enjoy a healthy smile.

Dental fillings are used by our dentists as a restorative treatment and can return a fractured, chipped or decayed tooth to its original structure and function. Better yet, dental fillings in Gurnee, Illinois, can usually be completed in one visit. We can also provide fillings as either composite or amalgam and will explain to you the benefits and uses of each filling material.

The decayed or damaged tooth tissues are first removed by our team and then your tooth is cleaned thoroughly before being “filled in” with filling material that shapes to the natural contours of your tooth. The treatment is finished when our dentists harden the dental filling, making your restoration stronger and longer-lasting.

Throughout your visit, we do all we can to help you feel comfortable as we work to restore the healthy and functional smile you deserve. If you would like to arrange a visit to our office or have questions about dental fillings, please contact our office at 847-505-0775.